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Buckeye Burl wood

Limited in availability and expensive to mill, Buckeye Burl is an exclusive wood known for its unique coloring and delicate grain. It’s intricate patterns are undeniably unique and highly desirable for Tesla interiors.


Ranging in color from creamy white and light golden yellow to bluish black, Buckeye Burl is an unusual wood type that often features gray streaks, reddish brown knots, and unique patterns of discoloration. It’s fine grain and even texture enhance the Buckeye Burl’s natural beauty and allure.


Buckeye Burl is a hardwood, but it is in fact softer than many softwoods and loses almost all of its weight once dried, requiring more delicate treatment than other wood types.


A natural, earthy aroma is prominent when the Buckeye Burl is green or wet, and disappears almost entirely when the wood is dry and properly finished.

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