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Vortex Wheels Rim Covers Hubcaps (4x) for Tesla Model 3, 18 inches

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Model: Model 3
Finish: Matte Black
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Elevate your Model 3's 18" aero wheels with these matte black upgrades. Crafted from robust ABS plastic, these wheel covers guard against curb rash and are simple to fit and remove. Boasting exact 1:1 mold openings and a Vortex flair, these caps fit snuggly and show off the calipers while hiding any imperfections for a sleek, sporty look.

  • Waterproof, highly heat-resistant, and durable ABS material.
  • Snap-on design for secure attachment without extra tools.
  • Easy on and off for tire rotation or wheel changes.
  • Exact 1:1 mold openings and Vortex flair for a snug fit and a sleek, sporty look.

    This product is compatible with cars that have been registered during the following periods:

    Tesla Model 3 : 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 (not Highland)

    Tesla Model Y : 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

    If you own a different Tesla model, simply utilize the car selector at the top of the page to be redirected to the appropriate product page.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Get quick answers to common questions about our upgrades for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. For more detailed information and additional queries, please refer to our Help Center.

    What are these hubcaps and rim covers made of?

    Our hubcaps and rim covers are crafted from durable ABS plastic, known for its robustness and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

    Do these covers fit Tesla Model 3 18-inch wheels perfectly?

    Yes, they are designed with exact 1:1 mold openings to ensure a snug fit on your Model 3's 18-inch wheels.

    Are these covers easy to install and remove?

    Yes, they feature a snap-on design for effortless installation and removal. No extra tools or professional assistance is required.

    Can I use these covers for tire rotation or wheel changes?

    Yes, they are designed for easy on and off, making them convenient for tire rotation or wheel changes.

    Do these hubcaps and rim covers offer any benefits besides aesthetics?

    Yes, besides enhancing the appearance of your wheels, they protect against curb rash and scratches, safeguarding your rims from damage. Additionally, these covers can improve aerodynamics, potentially saving autonomy in your electric car by reducing drag and enhancing efficiency.

    Why You Need the Tesla Model 3 Vortex Wheel Covers

    Installing a set of Vortex wheel covers to your Tesla Model 3 offers many aesthetic and functional benefits. Unlike many cheaper aero wheel covers that don't fit right, our precision-engineered 1:1 mold perfectly fits your OEM aero wheels without any wiggle or vibration, especially at high-range speeds. This protects your expensive wheels and wheel rims from curb damage and scratches.

    Not counting keeping your wheels safe from curb damage and scratch, our quality Model 3 OEM covers also offer:

    • Improved aesthetics as our variety of Tesla Model 3 hubcap styles and colors allows you to personalize your Model 3 and make it stand out from the crowd.
    • Improved aerodynamics as the wheel cover design accounts for better airflow around your wheels. 
    • Rust prevention on wheel bolts and nuts for optimal visual appeal and long-lasting performance.
    • Reliable protection for your aero wheels from dirt, rocks, and other debris, increasing lifespan.


    There’s nothing better than car protection. As such, our wheel covers cater to your Tesla Model 3 and keep your high-quality sportier aero wheel style exclusive taste with curb rash and scratch protection.

    Durable Materials and Classic Design

    Our custom wheel covers feature an ABS plastic build for rugged durability. The mold openings and vortex contours hug the curves of our Model 3 aero intimately.

    These aero wheel covers uses:

    • Durable ABS plastic material
    • Snap-on design for easy no-tool installation
    • 1:1 mold openings and Vortex flair - the perfect fit for that looks sharp
    • Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV rays, and moisture

    Easy Maintenance

    Caring for your fresh accessories takes no time. Our aero wheel cover makes fitting or removal for tire changes simple. The wheel cover makes care easy, such as

    • Easy on-and-off tire rotation or wheel swaps
    • Allows for easy cleaning and detailing

    Visual Appeal

    Aesthetics is a huge part of being a car enthusiast. Our matte black wheel cover:

    • Showcases calipers and freshens look
    • Sleek, sporty style that puts your cool side on full display
    • A striking accessory for your Tesla Model 3

    Easy Installation Process

    Installing our Tesla Model 3 Vortex Wheels Rim Covers is an easy process that you can do without any professional assistance. 

    • Tool-free installation. The aero wheel covers are designed to snap right into place
    • Clear instructions that lead to a frustration-free, easy installation
    • Quick and intuitive. It takes less than 30 minutes to have all your wheel covers installed

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