The Hills Story

A quest for the ultimate Tesla experience.

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Our Vision
How we go there

We share the same drive regardless of where we are headed, but no matter where the journey takes us, the true quest always lies within.

At our essence we are human and what makes mankind unique is creative expression. To enable us to tell our very own story and defend a style, Hills is committed to providing high-quality style accessories that accentuate the Tesla experience and extend the drive for innovation and excellence.

Environmental impact.

Forest America

Conscious of our footprint and committed to a circular design life cycle that supports and regenerates our earth, Hills takes cognizance of both humankind and the environment. We choose to source our wood from, and manufacture our products with, those who also respect our earth and its people, and we give back to the environment from which we utilize, by planting trees to regenerate our forests.

Production Hillsmade

Devoted to quality, and with reverence for the purity and elegance of natural wood, we hand select individual pieces from around the world in six prized wood varieties, to offer an array of colors, textures, and grains. Subtle yet distinguished by its own unique grooves, each piece of real wood is custom-made to order, to contour your Tesla’s elegant interior.

I was fortunate to find my passion at a very young age — to imagine, design, and create brands that unite art with function. It’s not about fashion. It’s about personal expression.

Mehdi Izemmour , Founder of Hills

A passion for functional design and an appreciation for the minimalist Tesla aesthetic.

Powered by a passion to pioneer self-expression in the automotive world, Hills is the creation of Swiss entrepreneur, Mehdi Izemmour. Brought to life by a global team, Hills launched in October 2020 and exports high-quality Tesla style accessories worldwide.

In a linear design economy of buy, use, and dispose, Hills embraces a circular design life cycle of innovation, environmental consideration, and regeneration—because our people and our planet are important to us. We believe that in fueling mankind, our earth, and our economy, we can create change through personal expression.

Driving Tesla, one accessory at a time.

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