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Resellers can set their own installation prices — these prices are merely suggestions. We do not charge a fee for the installation.

Bundles $149
Individual Products $49

Looking to resell our covers? Contact us at support@hillsmade.com

Resellers Conditions

The totality of the products will be sent between 1-2 weeks after the reception of the payment. The shipment is done by FedEx ground and the transportation time is estimated between 1-2 weeks. You also have the possibility to organize the transport of the goods yourself.

Payment Term
Payment must be received prior to shipment date. We generally recommend using wise.com for EU-transfers, to avoid both parties having to pay fees (SDK/EUR/USD). The VAT is at 0% as Switzerland is outside the EU & US zone – which means you will have to pay import fees.

All advertising and visuals must be approved by the Hills marketing department to ensure a uniform brand image.

Hills reserves the right to work or not with each of the resellers.