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Resellers can set their own installation prices — these prices are merely suggestions. We do not charge a fee for the installation.

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In our quest to create the ultimate interior for Tesla, we surround ourselves with partners to distribute and install our products worldwide.

In order to bring the ultimate Tesla experience to every model Y and 3 owner, we collaborate with likeminded partners to distribute and install our products. This allows for a hands-on experience with our products as well as professional installation, ensuring an effortless tesla interior upgrade with Hills' covers in just a few minutes.

Driving with Style

We created Hills with a simple concept in mind: to give Tesla owners the opportunity to stand out in a world of sameness. An unrivaled blend of technology and innovation, wrapped in stunning design, Tesla redefines personal travel and our ultra-unique accessories are a medium of expression, built to enhance the Tesla experience.

Seamless Integration

As we are committed to quality and strive for long-term partnerships, we work closely with our partners to gather insights, clarify any questions, and provide assistance as needed, making sure both parties are working to provide the best customer experience possible.

Easy Installation

The Hills covers are quick and straightforward to install. A full set takes around 10 to 15 minutes to install. When installing it professionally, use our Installation videos as guidance.

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