Carbon Upgrades

Tesla Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Upgrades

Explore our Carbon Collection, consisting of finely crafted carbon interior accessories exclusively designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Built with utmost reverence for Tesla's minimalist aesthetic, our Carbon Colleciton add a touch of elegance and individuality, creating a truly unique and captivating interior for your Tesla. Discover a range of carbon add-ones meticulously crafted to enhance the Tesla experience. Elevate your driving environment today.
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The matte finish boasts an exquisitely smooth texture, devoid of any gloss or reflective accents. This unique texture not only enhances its visual appeal but also facilitates effortless cleaning. Additionally, its heightened resistance to scratches further underscores its durability, making it an ideal choice for surfaces that endure frequent use and potential abrasion.

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The glossy finish radiates a luminous and vibrant aura, casting a captivating shine across the surface. Its reflective nature imbues it with a polished and sleek appearance that's perfect for creating an impactful presence. When aiming to create a truly captivating Tesla interior, the gloss finish stands as an excellent choice to achieve a heightened sense of allure and sophistication.

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