High-end accessories for Tesla.

Timeless and distinctive products passionately tailored to order, to accentuate and define the Tesla Model 3 & Model Y, for a one-of-a-kind Tesla experience.

A car like no other, styled like no other.

Built with reverence for Tesla’s minimalist aesthetic and designed to enhance the Tesla experience, Hills ultra-unique style accessories add a touch of personal expression, to make the Tesla interior entirely unique.

A cockpit worthy of the name

Undeniably distinguished and unlike any other, Hills custom-made accessories epitomize distinction in a world of sameness.

Hooked in the blink of an eye

Elegantly shaped and handcrafted to complement Tesla's lean design, Hills accessories take Tesla's interior experience to the next level.

Customizable with initials

The ultimate statement of individuality, Hills engraved Dashboard Covers go the last mile in creating the ultimate Tesla experience.

Convinced by the 0-60mph, seduced by the style.

Driven by an appreciation for Tesla’s innovative technology and streamlined aesthetic, we set out to personalize the Tesla experience. Hills interior and exterior accessories are tailored to integrate seamlessly with the Tesla design, while showcasing individuality and personal style, for an experience like no other.

Hills Dashboard covering a Tesla Model Y
Quality wood, unique natural grooves

Handselected for quality, durability, and purity of style, our all-natural wood selection includes six prized varieties from around the world, each with its own unique color tones and intrinsic wood grain.

Made in Europe, shipped worlwide

Designed with passion and manufactured in Europe with German precision, our Tesla style accessories are delivered free within the US and available for shipping anywhere in the world.

Customizable, made to order

Custom-made to order, Hills accessories are intricately crafted to accentuate Tesla’s minimalist aesthetic. Select interior accessories are also customizable with personalized, engraved initials.

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