Center Console Cover

Made for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Made from real wood, The Hills Center Console Cover is a timeless accessory intricately designed and passionately tailored to accentuate Tesla’s interior experience, and make it uniquely perfect.

Walnut $189
Maple $199
Koa $219
Purple Heart $219
Ebony $249
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A car like no other, styled like no other.

A stylish take on Tesla’s minimalist interior

Driven by a passion for Tesla’s innovative technology and lean design artistry, we envisioned a touch of personal expression. Meticulously manufactured to seamlessly contour the interior, Hills accessories work in harmony with Tesla’s minimalist approach to enhance the Tesla experience. Designed and handcrafted in Europe with German precision, Hills interior accessories feature high-quality and hand-selected noble and natural materials, utilized with the utmost care for our earth.

Dust and fingerprint-free

Tesla’s original shiny black center console draws attention to dust and fingerprints, so we designed our console covers to minimize the appearance of dust and fingerprints, for the ultimate pristine interior.

Easily attached and removed

Non-permanent, our center console covers can be attached and removed in minutes. Installation is easy with our non-toxic 3M glue. To remove, simply pull off and use an alcohol wipe to remove any residue.

Unique natural grooves make each product one-of-a-kind.

Made from real wood

Devoted to purity of the craft, we only manufacture console covers using high-quality real wood. Sourced from around the world, our wood selection includes six prized varieties. The epitome of intrinsic expression, each individual piece is hand-selected for its aesthetic and longevity, and every Hills interior accessory is subtly distinguished by its own unique wood grain.

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Durable and designed to enable you the freedom to travel virtually anywhere, Hills products are resistant to extreme low and high temperatures (-25°/+40°C, -13/104°F).


Conscious of our environment, we do our part to reduce our footprint and regenerate our earth. Hills products and packaging are sustainably sourced and recyclable.


When purchased together with the Hills Dashboard, personalized engraving is available to feature your initials on the passenger side of the dashboard.


Non-permanent, our consoles are secured in place with high quality, non-toxic glue. To remove, simply pull off and use an alcohol wipe to remove any glue residue.


Built for longevity and manufactured using high-quality materials, Hills Interior accessories have a one (1) year peace-of-mind warranty.


Committed to convenience, Hills offers worldwide shipping. Free shipping is available within the United States. Rates vary to other destinations.

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