Floor Liners


Tesla Model 3およびModel Yのインテリアの外観と保護を強化するために設計された、当社の高品質フロア マットとインテリア ライナーのコレクションをご覧ください。耐久性のある素材で作られた当社の製品は優れたパフォーマンスを提供し、 Tesla Model 3およびModel Yと互換性があります。今すぐ当社のセレクションをご覧になり、車の見栄えを保ち、摩耗や損傷から保護する完璧なフロア マットとインテリア ライナーを見つけてください。

Here’s Why Our Tesla Car Mats are Right for You

Made with excellence, our custom-fit Tesla floor mats and interior liners are designed to provide exceptional protection and coverage while seamlessly integrating with your car’s aesthetic. 

Here's what makes our floor mats and interior liners stand out:

  • Durability: Our floor liners are made from durable thermoplastic elastomer material, providing your car with unparalleled protection and coverage. Using this material, the liners can withstand various elements, such as water spills, muddy paw prints, and everyday wear and tear.
  • Performance: The vertical walls of our interior liners deliver maximum shielding for the interior carpet, ensuring effortless cleanup and protection from the wear and tear of your car. The high vertical walls and deeply molded tread pattern effectively channel dirt, mud, snow, and other spills away from foot traffic areas, ensuring years of worry-free use. 
  • Protection: Our mats and floor liners offer superior all-weather protection, shielding the interior from dirt, debris, and spills. They are designed to safeguard the original carpeting against spills, dirt, and wear and tear, preserving the authentic look of your vehicle for years to come. 
  • Eco-friendly: The floor mats are made from eco-friendly TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) materials, making them the perfect addition to your eco-friendly electric vehicle. They’re also 100% recyclable, making them the ideal Tesla upgrade option.
  • Customization: Our floor liners are available in various sets, offering comprehensive coverage for different areas of the vehicle, including the trunk and cargo space. Made using the latest digital measurements, we provide a perfect fit with maximum shielding for the foot-well carpet. 
  • Easy Maintenance: The TPE material used in our floor mats is resistant to stains, easy to wipe off, and simple to clean and maintain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to spice up your Tesla’s interior with a new floor mat? Here are some common questions we get about our liners. 

What Types of Liners Are Available?

Our collection of bespoke mats and liners includes all-weather interior liners, trunk liners, and frunk liners. 

How Much Do the Liners Cost?

The all-weather interior liners cost $129, while the trunk and frunk liners cost $79 and $29, respectively. 

Do Model 3 and Y Have the Same Floor Mats?

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y come with different floor mats. The Model 3 has a rubber-covered and carpeted mat, while the Model 3 has a standard rubber mat.