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à partir de 5 000 $ à partir de 10 000 $ à partir de 25 000 $ à partir de 50 000 $ à partir de 100 000 $
Rabais 20% 25% 30% 35% Personnalisé
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Resellers can set their own installation prices — these prices are merely suggestions. We do not charge a fee for the installation.

Lots $149
Produits individuels $49

Our Reseller and Installer Program helps us connect with more Tesla owners, offer them the option to interact with our products in person and professionally install their favorite Hills covers. This way, we are able to give our customers a better and more thorough experience.

Become a Reseller

We offer two reseller programs so you can choose depending on your business' needs and partnership objectives. Both options require practicing the same pricing model as Hills.


With the drop shipping model, as suggested by its name, the reseller only buys the product from Hills on our website when a client places an order.

If in stock, the order will be shipped with FedEx Priority Shipping and will be delivered in 1 to 2 business days. If the product is not in stock, a back order is registered (all delays are mentioned on our website). The reseller is guaranteed a fixed margin on each order.

Stock at Resell Price

With the classic stock at resell price model, the reseller buys inventory and will have stock of our products. Discount based on quantity ordered.

The totality of the products will be sent between 1-2 weeks after the reception of the payment. The shipment is done by FedEx ground and the transportation time is estimated between 1-2 weeks. You also have the possibility to organize the transport of the goods yourself.

Payment Term
Payment must be received prior to shipment date. We generally recommend using wise.com for EU-transfers, to avoid both parties having to pay fees (SDK/EUR/USD). The VAT is at 0% as Switzerland is outside the EU & US zone – which means you will have to pay import fees.

Become an Installer
The installation services will be sold as an optional service on our online store and the different installer partners available will be shared with our clients. 
All installation costs are fixed in order to offer consistent and reasonably priced
installation services of our products.


  • Hills reserves the right to work or not with each of the resellers.
  • All advertising and visuals must be approved by the Hills marketing department to ensure a uniform brand image.


Looking to resell our covers or become a Hills installer? Contact us at support@hillsmade.com.