Your Tesla

Your Tesla, with style.

Elegant, minimalistic Wood Interior upgrades for a distinctly personal experience. Made for the Tesla Model 3 & Model Y. Timeless design, sustainable luxury.

Match your Dashboard with our OEM Center Console Covers.

Made from real wood, The Hills Center Console Cover is a timeless accessory intricately designed to match the original OEM Dashboard in the black interior of the Tesla Model 3 & Y.

Cover de tableau de bord - Black Ash
Prix de vente$299
Cover de console centrale - Black Ash
Prix de vente$199
Default Title
Protecteur d'écran
Prix de vente$19

We’re on a mission to upgrade the tesla experience.

Devoted to quality, and with reverence for the purity and elegance of natural wood, we hand select individual pieces from around the world in six prized wood varieties, to offer an array of colors, textures, and grains.

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