Wireless Phone Charger

Made for the Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Engineered to integrate with Tesla’s minimalist interior, the Hills Wireless Charging Station provides the convenience of cable-free charging.

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The keyless car, now with frictionless charging.

Seamless integration

Designed to enhance Tesla’s luxurious design, the Hills Wireless Charging Station seamlessly integrates with the sleek black interior and fits perfectly in place to hold devices steady.

Efficient wireless charging

Amplified for fast wireless charging, two powerful 7.5W coils charge devices efficiently. Effortlessly place phones on our Wireless Charging Station and continue the journey.

A state-of-the-art addition to Tesla’s center console

Inspired by Tesla’s sleek, minimalist design, we offer a cable-free charging station that complements Tesla’s lean interior. Addressing the desire for Wireless Charging in a way that integrates with and accentuates the Tesla aesthetic, Hills enables you to hide the cords and enjoy a neater center console experience. Created with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Hills Wireless Charging Station is a precise match to the Tesla interior and a natural addition to the Hills product line.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Hills Wireless Charging Station attaches to both front USB ports. For this reason we have included 2 USB splitters to support both Dashcam and USB audio compatibility, and enable charging by way of a standard USB port.

Passengers are able to charge their devices using a standard USB cable in three ways:
1. By connecting to the 12V Power Outlet in the center console.
2. Via the 2 rear USB ports.
3. By utilizing the USB splitters that come with the Hills Wireless Charging Station and connecting to that USB port.

No, to conserve energy we designed our Wireless Charging Station to turn on and off with the Tesla.

We recommend using the included spacer when charging an iPhone 8 that does not have a case on it. Simply place the spacer on the charging pad, as illustrated in our Instruction Manual.

That depends on the size of the devices. All wireless-enabled phones can be charged on the Hills Wireless Charging Station and most standard phones can be charged with the lid closed. Larger, bulkier devices may hinder the ability to close the center console lid during charging.

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